Annie Moscow

Philosophical Musings/Sept. 2009


A whimsical, warm, one-woman show of songs,
stories and poetic musings, inspired by very real life


"It's easy to blame others for the road your life has taken.  But I'm sure we all know where the blame really lies.  My mother."



“Philosophical Musings is a delightful, thought-provoking mix of storytelling, songs and audience interaction from an ex-hippie.”   Ru Hernandez, PHOENIX CULTURAL EXAMINER  9/09

“Poet/pianist Annie Moscow’s entertaining one-woman theater revue is fitting for these money-tight times.  We live in an era of homes in suburbia lost to foreclosures, imminent job layoffs at all socioeconomic levels and cherished career dreams dashed by harsh economic realities.

 For just over an hour the audience at Moscow’s one-act musical interspersed with her poignant philosophical musings were able to forget their own financial problems - or at least laugh at them while listening to this seasoned musician’s songs and bittersweet lessons.  

And what do you get for your hard-earned cash?  You get a mix of Annie Moscow-penned songs and imaginative lyrics from her two CDs and live shows.  You get insightful story-telling and get to meet Annie’s life experiences and perspectives in the form of friends who would make quirky characters for an outlandish, surrealistic novel.  Except that these folks are so weird they must be real.

Characters like Drew, the high schoolmate who looked so hot but turned out to be gay.  Like her woman friend who calls herself the “Orange Juice Fairy.”  Or listen to the whimsical lyrics welcoming you to suburbia, “Where the beds are warm, and the floors are clean and the dogs are fat and the lawns are green.”

Philosophical Musings is a delightful, thought-provoking mix of storytelling, songs and audience interaction from an ex-hippie.

Go visit Annie’s world.  where mid-life crises bites down hard, lost opportunities compete with dreams gone wrong, and we ponder the personal prices we pay for four walls - and are able to laugh all the while.


Listen below to featured songs from the show: