Annie Moscow conveys her artistry as a performer, contemporary poet and modern-day storyteller, with her fresh perspective and unique themes. With a piano style that ranges from the intimate to explosive, combined with a unique and powerful voice, her cinematic songs take your right into the picture. Moscow’s music has range and has been compared to artists as diverse as Carole King, Billy Joel, Laura Nyro and Jacques Brel. 

“Annie Moscow strums stories as she captures universal topics shared in both the small towns and big cities glimpsed from Passing Trains”  Alt Roots Magazine, February 2017 

Coming soon: Land of Dreams

Release date:  Feburary 2, 2024

 “Land of Dreams” is an album about life, gratitude, acceptance, and transformation.  Anyone who’s fortunate enough to have been on this planet for 50 or 60-plus years knows it’s a journey of twists and turns, triumphs and losses.   And each jolt in the road brings with it the gift of new perspective to maybe ease your way for the next earthquake, or help you avoid it altogether.  This is a musical diary of my shifts and turns, and the matured perspective gained from stepping into more potholes than I care to admit.”