ANNIE MOSCOW spent over 10 years on the Arts Roster with the Arizona Commission on the Arts teaching songwriting and the creative process in schools and communities throughout Arizona. 




These workshops are wonderful for creative adults (full-time/part-time/amateur/professional & all other creative, interested people) and with a modified version available for children. 

Quote: (paraphrased here) 
“Between writing and performing music, I paint. Then when I’m ready, I return to music again. I think of this as “rotating the crops”. Joni Mitchell from “Painting with Words and Music” 


– Emotional Resonance 
– Tapping the creative current 

Some Sample Workshops 

1. Meet the Artist, informal performance, then sharing the stories & the energy that flows beneath. 

Discussion of art as an agent of self-realization through emotional resonance. 

Sharing the stories and inspiration behind my own songs and poetry, then facilitating a discussion on the feelings and images the songs bring up in others, with the focus on emotional resonance. Where/why the songs came from. Why are we attracted certain artists and musicians and not others – it’s because something about their experience, and energy, vibrates with our own. 

2. Finding our own voices through images that speak to us. 

Lead the group through a series of exercises for diving in and living through the emotional currents of different images, then coming through on the other side with their own inspired, original work. 

3. “Muse-ic” 

This is a painting workshop, where the group is exposed to a variety of music and then instructed to abandon the intellect and listen from “feeling”. Then riding on that energy, everyone will paint their aural experience of the music – into the visual. 

4. Concert (me) & art show (Residency group) 

Concert with work of the participants on display. Next to the visual pieces, the creators will post the lyrics to a song, poem, or story that goes with the image. 



To possibly get schools & entire community involved: 
Schools can have an art project, where students research an artist and their inspiration for a particular work, which can be part of the above exhibit. They may even want to create their own. (another note here: The song “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”, by John Lennon, was inspired from a painting by his son).