From the recording Land of Dreams

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This song was written at Brett Perkin's Songwriters' Retreat min Idyllwild, CA, where I met the fabulous Brothers Landau, the cello/guitar brother duo who ended up recording all the songs on this album with me. On the first day of the retreat, I was paired up to write with David Landau and we wrote this song together. Thank you, David - for stretching me into new harmonic territory. Thank you, both David and Daniel, for your magnificent musicianship and contributions to this record.

Annie Moscow - piano & vox & background vox
David Landau: cello and background vox
Daniel Landau: guitar and background vox

Produced by: John Herrera and Annie Moscow
Mixing assistance by: Rachael Nicole Gold, Kari Estrin and Seth Glier
Mastering by: Seth Glier


I drove through the mountains beneath a big sky
full of thunder and lightning five thousand feet high
Then from out of the grey skies a rainbow broke free
I wish you were here to
See this with me

I rode through the forest and saw a young deer
It stumbled and cried till it’s mother appeared
Then it galloped away when it lost all it’s fear
I feel like that fawn
I wish you were here

I climbed a mountain and leaped through the sky
To move out on my own and to understand why
We had to break this embrace so our hearts could fly free
I still wish you were here to
See this with me

They say we get stronger the more we let go
They say that we’re stronger than we ever know
I wish you could be here and see what I see
I wish you were here to see this with me